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The Logo – Core of the Brand!

One of the most essential pillars of Corporate Design – herewith Corporate Identity, too – is the logo. Have you ever thought about the meaning and ramifications of your logo design? What makes a logo good? ... More
Corporate Design
14. December 2022
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Business Cards – Tips and Trends

Yes, business cards are still necessary! Find out why and how your cards can be custom designed! Here are the latest tipps and trends ... More
Corporate Design
4. November 2022
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How Video Animation & animated HTML5-Assets are produced

Animated advertising materials are booming – you can be a part of it with advertising videos resp. animated advertising banners (HTML-Assets for Google). What is required in order to produce an animation? ... More
Digital Ads
29. October 2022
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Print Documents

To ensure high quality print results professional print documents are required. Here is a short overview of what you need to bear in mind ... More
27. August 2022
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Tips for Design: Screen and Print

Reading behavior on screens deviates substantially from reading on paper. Therefore design on different media needs to differ! Here are some tips! ... More
30. July 2022
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Design: Screen vs. Print

We read and understand text in different media in different ways. Appropriate Design reinforces legibility and professional impression - on screen or printed matter ... More
13. July 2022
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Creative Service

Structure and creativity are crucial in order to successfully facilitate a creative project. Here you will learn more about cooperative work with a creative professional ... More
24. April 2022
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Image Editing – Because a picture speaks 1,000 words

How professionals edit images – here you learn more about what's necessary to reach optimum results ... More
Image Editing
17. March 2022
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Corporate Design is Essential – 5 Good Reasons

This is why corporate design is so important: Uniqueness, Recognition, Identification, Branding, Market Position ... Learn more about the effects of good design and how to strengthen your brand! ... More
Corporate Design
24. February 2022
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Your Website – The First Impression Counts

It's just a glimpse which decides whether you like a website, make a further click or immediately leave. Learn more about the path to your optimal individual web presence ... More
Web/Screen Design
7. February 2022
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