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How Video Animation & animated HTML5-Assets are produced

Animated advertising materials are booming – you can be a part of it with advertising videos resp. animated advertising banners (HTML5-Assets for Google). What is required in order to produce an animation?

Video Animation
Illustration: Renate Leitner


  1. Define advertising goal: The first important step is to know exactly what you want to advertise with which message. Further, it should be clear who (target group) is being addressed.
  2. Advertising medium and ad format: Deciding about appropriate advertising medium and ad format grows from the considerations in point one. As soon as the choice has been made, then target formats, video length and highlight positioning are clear.
    • Video Plattforms offer e. g. advertising videos, which can be skipped over after 5 seconds, or these can run for a full 15 seconds …
    • Social Media: According to channel there are different proportions, resolutions and video lengths that must be taken into account. The format should be considered with the conception: Story-Videos (9:16) e. g. offer a larger advertising space as do Video-Posts (1:1).
    • Assets (e. g. Google): There is a selection of advertising formats – for desktop and mobile use. According to technical reasons, advertising on websites do not insert »videos«, but rather animated HTML5-Banner. For the viewer, this ad looks like a video, thus the preparations do not differ.

    ! TIP: It is recommended to adapt contents according to platform.

  3. Prepare Information: Is the Video Animation part of a print campaign? Are there already designed flyers or posters? This information and prepared open layout files help save time and money!
  4. Pictures, videos, sound, texts: As soon as the first three points are clarified, you should then choose and prepare images, videos and audio material. Please also prepare text material!
    ! TIP: Already while collecting potential pieces of the Video Animation, it is advantageous to obtain respective copyright disclosures for image/video/audio, because copyright law requires nomination.
  5. Storyboard – talk to your media designer! Think about how the video should proceed. Which elements come in which order? When does the main message come? How shall sound be implemented? Now it is time to speak with your media designer. Together I will define with you the individual scenes and put them together in a Storyboard.


After a comprehensive meeting in which we speak about the animation development, a great deal will have been accomplished. Now I get to work on the realisation. After you have delivered me the necessary building blocks (pictures, videos, sound, texts and logos), I can start the video production. A first draft is usually quickly implemented. Now the intensive preparation work pays off. When the storyboard is finely tuned, then it normally needs only one or two revision loops and the result will convince you.

Who makes the advertising campaign?

Fundamentally, you can place an advertising campaign yourself (if you have already registered the corresponding user account). However, it is advisable to find support from online agencies for larger advertising campaigns. Important is to comprehend the success of the individual advertising measures. This so-called tracking supplies exact data and helps to evaluate your advertising measures. I will be glad to recommend agencies.

Common question: What to do when image/video/audio material is lacking?

If you do not have enough image material, you can resource images on photo platforms (so-called »stock photos«) at reasonable prices. In the meantime, there is also a wide selection in license-free video and audio material. I am glad to help you choose the right elements.


You would like to advertise with individual video animations for video platforms, social media or Google?
I am pleased to support you and look forward to your inquiry!

Inquire now!

Reference: Video Animation for »Wiener Konzerthaus«

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29. October 2022
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