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New Website

New Website

Yippee, finished – my new website is online – with fresh references, testimonials and a BLOG. Following successfully implemented websites for LZH Landzinshaus GmbH GmbH and Peak Pride Management GmbH, the continuing cooperation with Armin Egger was a joy!

From Corporate Design to Web Design

The basis for effective web presence is the definitive positioning of the company – only then can Corporate Design and the “translation” into web presence follow. For this purpose, Screen Designs serve to define the layouts and graphic elements for various screen sizes. Herewith it is possibe to preview the appearance of the website. This visualisation also helps to clarify usability themes in advance.

Screen Designs perfectly realised

When layout, graphic elements, styles, screens, menu navigation – ideally also the “user journey” –  have been clarified, the IT implementation may begin. Important for programming is quality of the Screen Design – in other words: How well the design can be translated into HTML and CSS. This is fairly simple to comprehend: If the Screen Design looks quite similar to the IT realisation, then the process was successful.

Would you like an inidividually optimized web presence?
I look forward to your inquiry!

Inquire now!

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Web/Screen Design
31. January 2021
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